About Us

Just a young man with a dream. I bought my first milling machine when I was 16, a small Grizzly G0704 to get my feet wet in machining. Later that year I bought my first lathe, a Precision Matthews Gunsmith lathe. The next summer I took a massive risk and bought a used Haas TM-2P CNC milling machine with no idea what I was doing. I have never received any training, I have never spent the day in another machine shop. I am a completely self taught 18 year old Machinist with a dream of growing my business to the point where I can provide a comfortable life for myself and my future family. I have always enjoyed building things and when my Uncle introduced me to gunsmithing I fell in love with machining. I watched every YouTube video out there, every forum post I could find time to read, and soaked up tons of knowledge.

I design, market, manufacture and sell all of the products you see on this website. I am a one man shop so I am responsible for EVERYTHING! 

I am currently attending college for Business Administration.